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 The 6 Rules on Flipping in Runescape

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Fan Tenpa

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PostSubject: The 6 Rules on Flipping in Runescape   Wed Sep 05, 2012 10:52 pm

1. Find for an item that favors you. Make a LIST of items that don’t work and work.

2. Choose AVERAGELY LOW PRICED ITEMS because the smaller the price is, the more quantity you can spare to buy, and the more quantity, the more profit you will be able to gain.

3. Remember every item you put on TRIAL, you will lose money on, so only BUY ONE of that item to test fire it.

4. Keep trying, if one offer loses, go onto the NEXT ONE.

5. NEVER try items such as HERALDIC SETS, BANDOS and ARMADYL RUNE ARMOUR SETS. God armour is fine.

6. Be ENDURING. If your item does NOT SELL QUICKLY, it is possibly because of 4-HOUR LIMIT. If it's been a FEW HOURS and none of your items have sold, then think about REARRANGING the price. It should also take around 10 minutes to TRANSACT the MAXIMUM LIMIT of an item.

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The 6 Rules on Flipping in Runescape
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