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 10 Ways on How to Catch a Scammer on Gambling in Runescape

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Fan Tenpa

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PostSubject: 10 Ways on How to Catch a Scammer on Gambling in Runescape   Wed Sep 05, 2012 10:35 pm

1. Always EXAMINE them before bumping to them.

2. BORROWING ITEMS to catch stakers’ trust is always a great idea but many scammers use this too. Most scammers will assume it is theirs and will refrain exposing their cash stack. Legitimate hosts will regularly admit it as a loan but will be willing to unfold you their cash.

3. Ask them to SHOW IN TRADE first if they are saying you will win a whip.

4. You end up getting BRONZE TO RUNE CLAWS when people say “win claws”.

5. HUGE CASH STACK does not make anyone legit. It will aid the hosting but it doesn’t guarantee that it is real.

6. Some scammers will have a secret assistant making bluff bets but absolutely all they do is to trade a BLANK SCREEN. You can catch them by asking the winner to show his cash pile and they will not.

8. SNIPING is where a player is hanging around and LOOKING at a host lingering for people to bet. If the others LOSE around thrice, choosing the odd, a sniper will take a grasp on this and DASH to the HOST and trade him a HUGE sum of MONEY, as the possibility that the next number will be even, VERY HIGH CHANCE as that. Easy money! You cannot stay away from this. Just time your trades appropriately or tell the sniper nicely to PLEASE STOP.

9. Friend chat clans will have RANKED MEMBERS. Trust the ranked members but there are some bogus gambling clans where the members are just in it for the scam. Naming one is “Got 22 phats”.

10. Assure that before you judge someone of scamming. It is normal for some hosts to LAG or DISCONNECT accidentally. Just wait for a while and keep a note of the host’s name to prepare on reporting.

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10 Ways on How to Catch a Scammer on Gambling in Runescape
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