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 Which Gang Did You Joined?

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Which gang did you joined?
Black Arms Gang
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Phoenix Gang
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PostSubject: Which Gang Did You Joined?   Sun Sep 16, 2012 10:33 pm

There comes a point where you must make a decision on which Gang would you join while doing the Shield of Arrav quest. Although many players would have done this quest at a low level due to the low requirements, each gang has something valuable to offer, while now these treasures are overlooked (phoenix crossbows, iron dagger, grapes and gloves. The decision also plays a roll in the Heroes Quest which is far more daring.

So now the question is: Which Gang did you join and why? What motivates you to join that gang?
By talking to the Tramp in Varrock - You will join the Black Arm Gang
By talking to Reldo in Varrock Palace - You will join the Phoenix Gang

I personally joined the Phoenix Gang because killing Jonny the Beard is easier than facing off the Weaponsmaster of the Phoenix Hang.
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Which Gang Did You Joined?
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