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 How to Make a Successful Runescape Shop by Attracting Buyers

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Fan Tenpa

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PostSubject: How to Make a Successful Runescape Shop by Attracting Buyers   Thu Sep 06, 2012 8:38 pm

1. Look for permanent buyers.

Majority of Runescape shops today SPEND their TIME on ACTIVITIES they SHOULDN’T BE CONCERNED with.

So HOW do you make people to BUY?

It’s pretty simple. By giving them THINGS they ALREADY WANT.

“You CANNOT sell PORK to a VEGETARIAN, no matter how delicious it is.”

Ask yourself “WHO NEEDS these items? Who are the skillers or fighters who needs these? Where are they?

2. Position yourself as an expert.

“Nobody who bought a drill actually wanted a drill. They wanted a HOLE. Therefore, if you want to sell drills, you should advertise INFORMATION about MAKING HOLES – not information about drills!”
- Perry Marshall

Provide your potential buyers SKILL GUIDES related to what you sell. That is SELLACATION! The process of selling through education.

They would tell to themselves “I know RUNESCAPE SHOP123 is an EXPERT in SMITHING. How about ASKING HIM WHERE TO BUY items needed for it.”

Good example is CHEATING on a class. The CHEATERS have always been the FIRST ONE to APPROACH their classmate who knows the CORRECT ANSWER. You are the GENIUS!

3. Promotional campaign

Look for PLACES in Runescape where players might NEED the items that you sell.

Look for Runescape FANSITES and Facebook GROUPS/PAGES related to Runescape and what you sell. Share your Runescape shop to those fansites, groups and pages. Send private message to the players in the achievement section who are potentially will use your items to train their skills.

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How to Make a Successful Runescape Shop by Attracting Buyers
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